DreadCentral.com: ​"Crisafulli performs as a broken individual (both mentally and financially) and evokes a sense of sympathy from the audience, even when we know that the majority of his problems are self-issued."

Best Actor - Fall 2015
Seattle 48 Hour Film Horror Project
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UKHorrorScene.com: ​"Crisafulli does a great job as the often distraught Terrence, showing his anxiety through many visual tics. The physicality of Crisafulli’s acting sells us Terrence as the sympathetic victim, but also as a damaged individual who might not be entirely lucid. "

Mick Bannister - Secklow Sounds, UK FM Radio: The filming and sound are very crisp, the performances very solid. The lead [Crisafulli] had me on edge just looking at him. The whole thing is creepy as hell! You cannot take your eyes off it." 

Leah's Movie Lowdown - WSCA 106.1 FM Radio 
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Dan Crisafulli

Digital Filmmaker - Issue 30 - Interview with director Jonathan Holbrook: ​" [Dan] is seen in 90% of the film, and we definitely picked the right guy for the job. He carried the film all the way to the end."

Best Ensemble Acting - Summer 2015
Seattle 48 Hour Film Project
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Tall Men (Formerly Customer 152)  - Role: Terrance Mackleby (Lead)

​​​​​​​Actor / Voiceover Artist

TheBloggingBanshee.com: ​"Dan Crisafulli was excellent as the lead... It's amazing to watch him [as Terrance] ... then look at pictures in real life. He is almost unrecognizable. Crisafulli shined.... It makes me interested to see what [director] Holbrook will do next, as well as Crisafulli. 

Radio Interview by Mark A. Johnson - BlogTalkRadio.com:"[Crisafulli] built the character out of the script exactly as it was supposed to be... Fantastic actor, I think [he] just nailed this."

Best Actor In A Feature Film - Award of Excellence
IndieFEST - Fall 2016
For the role of Terrance Mackleby in Tall Men (2016)