​​​​​​​Actor / Voiceover Artist


Dan Crisafulli

Newly based in Atlanta, GA, Dan is a SAG-Eligible actor who has trained in acting and voice-over in the Seattle area for the past decade. In his three + years since transitioning into full-time acting, Dan has worked consistently in film, television, commercials and voice-over. He recently won multiple acting awards for the shorts Togetherness and Adulthood, led the feature film Tall Men and appeared in several episodes of NBC's GRIMM as Theo Delano. Other notable recent appearances include the lead antagonist in the award-winning short The Fawn Response, which has hit the International festival circuit, playing Melbourne's Indie Film Festival, L.A.'s Dances With Film and Hollyshorts, and Seattle's NFFTY, where it took first place in the Edge-Of-Your-Seat thriller category.

Dan is well-known in the Northwest film community for playing creeps and criminals, but also for playing wildly divergent characters both fully and believably. In screening his body of work, many viewers are surprised to learn that the same actor has played each role, due to his dramatic transformations in physicality, voice and attitude.